April 16 Marks Eureka and Fortuna Crackdown on Distracted Driving

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The Eureka Police Department is confident that this year’s enforcement effort during Distracted Driving Awareness Month will prove to be even more of a success than last year.  That was the sentiment from the Senior Traffic Officer of the department in a new report.  Not only will Eureka PD be cracking down on texters and cellphone users, but they’ll be looking out for any drivers whose behavior could lead to focus being taken away from the road.  That could include persons who apply makeup, who don’t properly strap in a pet, or who eat at the wheel.  Eureka PD and the Fortuna Police Department are using April 16 as a day to increase efforts to crack down on such distracting habits.  So far this year, 30 texters and 280 cellphone users have received a ticket in the city of Eureka.

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