Eliminating Fires in Homes That Contain Medical Oxygen

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A number of people across the country use medical oxygen in their home, but having such a medical device on hand also poses a number of risks that consumers must plan for.  When medical oxygen is on hand, the threat of a fire is far more apparent, as the overabundance of oxygen could cause a serious fire hazard if an open flame is in the vicinity.  Fire can feed off of oxygen and endanger anyone around.

A new report highlights some important tips from the National Fire Protection Association.  First, anyone who uses oxygen should not smoke, nor should anyone else living in that residence.  To further eliminate this danger, oxygen users should have signs installed inside and even outside the residence asking people not to smoke or create sparks or open flames in or near the home.

Cigarettes aren’t the only danger.  Candles should not be used, nor should wood-burning stoves.  Matches are inadvisable, as are certain toys that could produce a spark.  Even certain hand and body lotions could contain materials that are more susceptible to ignition.  Aerosol sprays are a bad idea if they contain flammable substances.

Finally, if you have oxygen on hand, make sure that smoke alarms are in working order and everyone in the residence knows what to do should a fire break out.  This plan should be put practiced every six months or so.