West Virginia Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Google Glass at the Wheel

Posted on March 26, 2013

Google Glass has the potential to completely alter the way we interact with our surrounding environment.  Basically a pair of glasses that offers up a host of information to the person wearing the device, the technology aims to provide the sort of Heads-Up Display that was heretofore the purview of videogames.

But some worry what Google Glass could do to one’s driving ability.  After all, in a world where texting and driving is perhaps more prevalent than ever, do we really need one more distraction imperiling our driving ability?

One West Virginia lawmaker thinks we don’t.  He has introduced a bill that would restrict drivers from employing a wearable computer with a HUD.  If eventually passed, the law would act as an extension of an existing ban on texting while driving.  The legislator said he took this step to protect those younger, inexperienced drivers who also tend to be the adopters of such new and innovative technology.

Although the potential drawbacks to safety are readily apparent, it’s also important to consider some of the functions that might theoretically improve driving ability.  The audio cues provided by Glass could take the place of distracting visual cues common with dash-mounted GPS devices.  And it’s also possible that having information in one’s direct view is preferable to having to repeatedly glance at the dashboard.

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