Safe St. Patrick’s Day Encouraged By San Diego County DA

Posted on March 15, 2013

With St. Patrick’s Day just a couple days away, today is as good of a time as any to review the steps one can take to protect themselves from the threats that become apparent on this upcoming day of celebration.  When hordes of people gather to indulge in drinking and partying, a lot can go wrong, especially if those same people take to the road while intoxicated.

Various agencies throughout California want to make sure that the potential for tragedy is limited.  The District Attorney of San Diego County is one such entity.  Her office has partnered with Clear Channel radio stations in the area for a safety campaign that seeks to remind drivers of the importance of never consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel.  The campaign, known as “Save Lives, Don’t DUI,” will feature banner ads on online streaming stations and radio messages which echo a message of refraining from driving while intoxicated.

The District Attorney has a special interest in this topic.  She estimates that 10,000 people get prosecuted for drunk driving charges by her office on an annual basis.  Her local campaign joins awareness efforts at the national level;  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also warning drivers about the deadly impact that intoxication can have.  Two St. Patrick’s Days ago, a whopping 32% of all vehicle fatalities could be attributed to intoxicated vehicle operation.

This issue is nothing to take lightly.  If you intend to include alcohol consumption in your plans for St. Patrick’s Day, you need to make preparations to protect not only yourself, but your friends and all those who share the road with you.  That means figuring out beforehand how you’re going to get to and from your destination.  A designated driver is one option.  That way, you can drink responsibly and be confident in your ability to get home safely.

However, if a designated driver isn’t available, you should consider one of the many other options at your disposal.  Have a friend or acquaintance at the ready whom you can call if your designated driver falls through, or have cab phone numbers lined up so that you can easily obtain a ride.  In San Diego, one cab company is offering deals that allow for cheaper prices.  No matter where you live in California, you should look into local offers and campaigns to find out how you might be able to arrive home safely without breaking the bank.

Also be a good friend.  If you notice that someone who has been drinking too much is about to hop behind the wheel, convince them otherwise.  And don’t let your own drinking get out of hand.  Drink slowly and supplement your alcohol intake with other drinks and food so that you don’t dry out and get drunker than you otherwise would.

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