Many Ways to Avoid Common Home Injury Hazards

Posted on March 21, 2013

Yesterday we brought you a variety of tips geared toward making sure your home is safe for children.  But there are a number of common hazards around households across the country that could compromise safety even when children are not in the residence.  It might be going a little overboard to say it’s time to adultproof your home, but the following tips as provided in a new report could nevertheless help you and your family avert tragedy.

Many people will make simple mistakes with their electronics that could come back to haunt them.  For one thing, you should always take pains to ensure that every electronic product you purchase contains the seal of approval of Underwriters Laboratory.  And when you start to suffer from an overabundance of electrical appliances, make sure that you’re not plugging all of those into a single socket.  That socket can become overloaded and cause a short circuit, endangering persons in the vicinity.  And every time you make coffee, or curl your hair, or do anything else that requires you to turn on an electrical appliance, get in the habit of unplugging that device.  A hazard is posed every time you leave an electrical appliance plugged in without supervision.

Whenever you get ready to take part in a home improvement project of some sort, it’s essential that you take steps to protect yourself.  If you’re going to be using power tools, safety glasses are a must.  And a breathing mask is necessary during such times that you plan on using industrial-grade cleaners that could expose you to harsh chemicals.

Many such projects will require you to pull out a ladder.  Don’t cut corners by opting for a wobbly chair or table because you think it will save time.  Pull the ladder out of storage and use it safely.  Have someone assist you, and when you climb the unit, make sure you’ve put on adequate footwear.  And if the height of your project is such that you’re tempted to climb to the top rung, climb back down and invest in a taller ladder.  It’s never wise to use the top rung.

Even if you think you’re a particularly safety-conscious parents, it’s still important to consider some of those precautions you might have missed.  Is your child’s swing set in good repair, or does it suffer from rust or noticeably sharp edges?  How close is any furniture to the windows?  A child could be tempted to climb the chair and then end up falling out of a window.

Finally, always make sure that you’re keeping up with the latest recall information.  You can sign up for alerts from various agencies, but if you elect not to do this, at least make a quick check of the newest recalls a part of your weekly routine.

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