Long and Winding Road for New Mexico Texting and Driving Ban

Posted on March 6, 2013

A new article takes a look at the long and winding road that a proposed texting while driving ban in New Mexico has taken to reach its current spot awaiting a debate in front of the entire Senate.  The report showcases how tricky it can be for a law to receive approval of a legislature even when it enjoys widespread support among lawmakers and the general public.

Near the beginning of February, it looked like the proposal that outlawed texting at the wheel among all drivers was dead in the water after the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to table the measure.  However, the bill’s sponsor retooled the bill to address concerns brought up during a debate, and the Committee opted to give its approval to the reworked bill a couple weeks ago.

However, there has been little to no momentum on the ban since that time, as it has apparently become stuck in a legislative morass as other bills deemed more important get heard in front of the Senate first.  The majority floor leader has expressed concerns about the bill, and he’s the one that picks the order in which bills are heard.

As it stands now, violations would cost offenders $25, a number which would double for all subsequent offenses.  The majority floor leader has said that the bill is okay as is, but he’s concerned that once passed, proponents of tougher penalties will use the measure as a sort of springboard for stricter distracted driving laws.

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