FDA Explains Migraines And Potential Treatment Options

Posted on March 21, 2013

Those who have had to deal with migraines can attest to the negative impact that the malady can have on one’s way of life.  A new briefing from the Food and Drug Administration explores the prevalence of migraines in society and highlights the ways that people can combat the pain.  As with anything, it’s important that patients understand the risks of certain therapies, consult medical advice, and only seek out FDA-approved drugs and treatment options.

The National Institutes of Health estimate that 12% or so of citizens across the country are plagued by migraines.  A number of prescriptions and over the counter treatments are available to deal with the issue, which is caused by the brain’s blood vessels widening temporarily, leading the sufferer to experience such things as pain, nausea, light and sound sensitivity, and the appearance of light auras.

Two months ago, the FDA approved the first ever patch treatment which aims to curb the painful symptoms of migraines.  Known as Zecuity, the delivery system works similar to how one would apply a patch to their arm in order to curb nicotine addiction.  It’s thought to be a preferable method of treatment for those who are nonplussed by injections or nasal sprays.

But there are drawbacks.  A clinical study revealed that around one in four people will experience pain in the patch area, and many patients succumbed to a reddening of the skin.  Before you opt for this treatment, talk to your doctors to learn the risks and benefits.

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