Drivers Warned Not to Let Cellphones Turn Them Into Zombies

Posted on March 29, 2013

This coming Sunday will see millions of people across the country tuning in to the season finale of a certain popular show about zombies.  So it makes a sort of sense that safety agencies would attempt to take advantage of the trending topic to raise awareness about important subjects.

That could by why the California Office of Traffic Safety is attempting to get citizens across the state to recognize the danger of turning into a zombie.  This particular occurrence of the virus has nothing to do with being bitten by the living dead, however, and everything to do with what a cellphone can do to one’s driving ability.

It’s estimated that using a cellphone at the wheel can contribute to a 37% decrease in brain function, motor skills that could be used to bring one safely to their destination.  The thinking seems to be that a cellphone user’s jerking, halting driving motions and inattentiveness contribute to zombieism.

Thankfully, the OTS has a few tips that can be followed by all drivers ahead of next month’s distracted driving crackdown being carried out by 200-plus police agencies across California.  Refrain from using your own phone, but also don’t act as a carrier for the zombie virus.  If you know someone might be driving, wait until you think they’ve stopped before you call or text that person.

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