Door Opening Risk Leads Pierce to Recall 1,237 Fire Trucks

Posted on March 11, 2013

Persons across the country rely on emergency personnel to respond promptly so as to initiate a rescue.  But what happens when a defect compromises the safety of those very vehicles that allow rescue workers to get to the scene of an incident hastily?  Emergency workers and those in need of aid are both put at risk.

It’s therefore important that the next recall be understood by firefighters across the country.  Pierce announced the recall, which pertains to Impel and Velocity fire trucks of the 2007 through 2010 model years.  1,237 fire trucks are thought to be affected by this safety directive, and each would have been produced from June 2007 through October 2010.

The inner door handles on these vehicles could have faulty springs that can lead to the doors of the trucks suddenly opening without warning while in transit.  If the driver or passenger is not ready for this occurrence, he or she could be thrust from the vehicle, which obviously poses a serious threat to safety.

There is as of yet no word on when the recall is set to be carried out.  Once it does begin, however, affected fire departments should receive a notification from Pierce.  The trucks can then be brought in to a dealer so that a mechanic can install new door handles at no cost to the department.

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