Child Lock Error Leads Ford to Recall C-Max, Escape, and Focus Autos

Posted on March 18, 2013

Hopefully, most adults would have enough common sense that they wouldn’t purposely attempt to open the door of a moving vehicle.  However, sometimes accidents do happen, and children especially might not understand that the door handle shouldn’t be grabbed while in transit.  That’s why this next recall is so important.

C-Max, Escape, and Focus vehicles of the 2013 model year are affected by the recall, which was announced by the Ford Motor Company.  A total of 5,675 automobiles are included within the announcement, which concerns a series of vehicles produced this past November.

At issue is the fact that the production of the child lock on the left rear door on these vehicles was not produced properly.  Should the driver turn on the child lock, anything other than excessive force might cause the component not to be engaged.  As a result, any child sitting in that position might be able to open the door even though the parent or guardian believes that the child lock is activated.  This obviously poses a heightened injury hazard.

One week from today, the recall is slated to start.  Owners will hear from Ford about the issue, and free inspections will be provided by dealers.  If the issue is detected, those same dealers will conduct free repairs.

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