Anti-Texting Campaign Tells Canadians That “Crotches Kill”

Posted on March 4, 2013

Numerous public service announcements and educational initiatives attempt to dissuade citizens from texting while at the wheel.  But an awareness campaign out of Canada separates itself from the rest by warning consumers about the threat posed by our crotches.

Known as “Crotches Kill,” the campaign involves a series of billboards and posters which depict drivers looking down at their crotches while at the wheel.  A glow from beneath suggests that the person is more focused on their phone than they are on the road in front of them.

A series of radio ads also attempts to illustrate the danger, both with humor and with poignancy.  One ad simply offers up five seconds of dead air followed by the distinct sound of a crashing vehicle, suggesting that the average of five seconds it takes to send a text can end in catastrophe.  Another ad finds a female voice calling out drivers for not being able to take their eyes off of their crotches.

But perhaps the most unique facet of the campaign is also the weirdest.  Men’s restrooms in Alberta are set to feature urinals that contain pucks which actually talk to you while you urinate.  The puck calls the individual out for being focused on their crotch, something that it says is fine in the restroom but that has no place when operating a motor vehicle.

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