Bicycle Safety Tips Arrive in Time For Spring

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With spring here, you’re going to start seeing a number of cyclists out on the road.  If you plan to take your own bike out of storage, it’s important to recognize some of the necessary safety precautions that should be taken.  A new report finds bike safety experts advising consumers to tune up their bike at least once a year, paying particular attention to making sure the brakes are up to par and that the bike isn’t making any odd sounds.  Riders should wear the proper clothing, including a pair of pants that isn’t in danger of getting snagged on a pedal.  Cyclists should always obey applicable traffic law, which means not ignoring stop signs or other traffic signage.  Such signs apply to both motor vehicles and bikes.  Take pains not to ride into the blind spots of other vehicles, and initiate the proper hand signals when making a maneuver.

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