Gilroy Police Stress Importance of April Cellphone Driving Crackdown

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The Gilroy Police Department is one of the many California agencies taking part in a cellphone driving crackdown throughout the month of April.  This is being conducted as part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  If a person in the city of Gilroy, or the rest of the state for that matter, is caught texting or using a handheld phone behind the wheel, he or she will receive a citation costing at least $159.  No warnings will be issued.  One Gilroy Police official spoke about his desire to see citizens perceive this event as an education opportunity.  To help drivers eliminate texting from their driving repertoire, the agency advises creating a voicemail explaining that you can’t answer your phone while driving and that you’ll call the person when you stop.  A phone should be turned off completely or placed somewhere that the driver can’t reach it unless they stop the car.

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