1,646 International Prostar Trucks Recalled Over Crash Risk

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International Prostar commercial trucks of the 2013 model year with a feature code of either 29AEC or 29AEB are being recalled by Navistar because of a potential defect with the axle bearing retaining nut lock snap ring.  On 1,646 of these vehicles, the ring may not even be in its necessary position, or if it is there, installation could have been carried out in an incorrect manner.  The retainer nut could thus loosen and detach completely, leading the wheel hub and the axle to be dislodged from one another.  The ensuing loss of control could lead the driver to crash the truck.  The recall will begin on April 19, at which point owners will receive a notification from Navistar.  Replacement of the poorly installed or nonexistent component will be carried out by a dealer at no charge.

For more about the recall, follow this link.