2,200 Trident and Moment Rafting Helmets Recalled Over Detachment Risk

Posted on March 27, 2013

We often talk about how helmets can be used by motorcyclists and bicyclists to save lives or at the very least prevent some of the most serious injuries which can occur during a crash.  But helmets might also be used by kayakers and rafters, and this next recall concerns a defect affecting those types of units.  Owners should thus take note.

The Park City, Utah-based Whitewater Research & Safety Institute announced the recall, which affects whitewater kayaking and rafting helmets of the Trident and Moment models.  The recall affects a wide variety of sizes and colors, adding up to a total of 2,000 potentially defective units in America and an additional 200 throughout Canada.

The buckle secured beneath a person’s chin is in danger of becoming detached.  The user thus could lose their helmet and be more susceptible to a head injury if they encounter adversity along their route.  No one has experienced such an injury, but there have been ten people who reported a failure of the chinstrap.

These helmets were sold across the county between last March and November, at which time they ran customers $140 to $170.  The helmets should not be used until such time that a replacement helmet can be obtained from the company.  In the meantime, consider an alternative helmet if you have a whitewater rafting trip coming up.

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