Brake Loss Issue Prompts Magura to Recall 2,800 Bike Brakes

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A hazard that only makes itself known amid cold temperatures has led Magura USA, a company based in Olney, Illinois, to announce the recall of 2,800 hydraulic disc brakes.  Each of the affected MT 6 and MT 8 systems was available from bike shops across the country from January 2011 all the way up until this month.  When it gets cold enough outside, these brakes might cease to function, which would necessarily put the rider onboard in danger of losing control and suffering a fall or a crash.  No one has reported having this happen to them yet, and to ensure future safety, consumers should refrain from biking on any unit that has one of the aforementioned systems onboard.  They can seek out free repairs by getting ahold of Magura USA.

For more about the recall, follow this link.