183,576 Pilots and Acuras Recalled By Honda Over Crash Risk

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Pilot and Acura RL vehicles of the 2005 model year and Acura MDX vehicles of the 2005 and 2006 model years are being recalled by Honda because of a possible defect stemming from the manufacture of the Vehicle Stability Assist control module.  183,576 vehicles are potentially affected by the issue, which came about because of potential damage that could have been accrued by the electrical capacitor.  The defect could cause a host of issues:  intermittent braking, abrupt stopping, and in the case of a loose ground connection on the Pilots, a failure of the brake lights to turn on when needed.  Any of these situations could pose a crash hazard.  The recall is set to be initiated on April 12, at which point free repairs can be obtained from dealers.

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