Aqua Lung Buoyancy Compensators Recalled Over Drowning Threat

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The Vista, California-based Aqua Lung has announced the recall of a series of buoyancy compensators that have SureLock II weight pocket handles attached.  These aforementioned items, which are in place in order to aid a diver in reaching the surface amid emergency conditions, are in danger of suddenly falling off of the vest.  With their abilities impeded, the diver would thus be put at risk of drowning.  So far, 236 handle detachment incidents have been reported, but thankfully, none of those instances led to an injury.  111,000 buoyancy compensators are affected, and the recall encompasses such models as Pearl, Libra, Axiom, Zuma, and more.  Available across the country until this past September, these items should be brought in to dealers so that free inspections and replacements can be carried out.

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