List of Awkward Recalls Is Nothing to Scoff At

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Prompted by yesterday’s news that a series of yoga pants were being recalled because they were basically see-through, a new report from Time magazine lists some other recalls of the past that have been initiated for what could be considered awkward reasons.  It should be noted, though, that when safety is a factor, a recall is nothing to laugh at.  For instance, the article points to a Porsche Carrera recall initiated just a few weeks ago because the tailpipes could suddenly become dislodged from the vehicles.  Although it’s certainly an odd situation, a tailpipe on the road can pose a significant safety hazard.  And three years ago, various cereals were recalled by Kellogg because customers started to report vomiting and a nauseous feeling after consuming cereal that suffered from a weird taste and odor.  Such recalls, as well as the other items on the list, are nothing to scoff at.

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