Redwood City CHP Gets Set for April Distracted Driving Crackdown

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Yesterday, we brought you word of a distracted driving crackdown taking place all across California during the month of April.  Now, we’re getting some clue as to how local police plan to approach the endeavor.  The California Highway Patrol is one of the many entities taking part in the operation, and the Redwood City branch hopes to get the public involved in raising awareness about the serious issue.  A spokesman says that this, in conjunction with increased enforcement among local officers, can go a long way toward removing texting from the roadways.  The CHP in Redwood City plans to ratchet up its patrolling efforts, casting an especial eye toward catching those drivers who text and talk on their phones at the wheel.  Drivers should heed the slogan of the measure:  “It’s Not Worth It.”

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