44,000 Martinique LX Jr. Snorkels Recalled Over Laceration Threat

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A series of snorkels is being recalled by a company based in Vista, California because of a potential laceration threat.  Aqua Lung Inc. dba U.S. Divers announced the recall, which affects Martinique LX Jr. Youth Snorkeling Mask Sets that were sold across the county only at Costco between November 2010 and July 2011, when an entire set ran about $30.  At issue is the fact that a certain tempered glass lens notch can’t hold up to heightened water pressures and thus might break, leading the child wearing the item to experience a potential facial laceration.  Four incidents of such have already taken place, and it’s thought that 44,000 snorkels might be affected. The company can be contacted for a new item.

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