CPR Denied to Bakersfield Retirement Home Resident

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Glenwood Gardens, a retirement home in Bakersfield, is being scrutinized in the media because of a nurse’s refusal to provide a resident with CPR that could have saved the woman’s life.  An 87 year old woman collapsed at the facility, and her breathing was compromised.  A nurse called 911 and reported the incident, but when the 911 operator asked the nurse to initiate CPR, she refused, citing a company policy that prohibits the staff from providing emergency care to residents.  Throughout the recorded call, the operator repeatedly begs the nurse to conduct CPR, even going so far as to ask the nurse to get someone else in the area to provide it, but still the nurse refuses.  The woman ended up dying.

If you ever find yourself placing a loved one in a retirement facility, make sure all parties are aware of residence policies and procedures.

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