Understand The Threats That Might Cause an Injury In Your Home

Posted on February 11, 2013

A report found in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine illuminates some of the biggest hazards found in households across America.  Consumers concerned about maintaining safety for themselves and their children should take note.

By analyzing accident data between 2000 and 2008, the persons behind the study were able to determine that, on average, 30,000 persons are killed annually because of an accident that happens in the home.  Some of the most common causes of death include falls, burns, and poisoning, and the number of these types of occurrences has actually risen over the years.  Overall, 43% of fatalities come as a result of an accidental poisoning, while 34% are derived from some type of a fall.  Burns or fires lead to 9% of deaths.

As far as children go, drowning and suffocation were most likely to lead to a fatality.  Adults, on the other hand, most typically died because of a fall or a poisoning.  This comes even as accidental fatalities stemming from gun usage have ebbed, down to only 1% of household deaths.

Consumers can take pains to limit their exposure to danger.  One of the easiest ways to prevent a child injury or a fatality is by keeping an eyes on kids at all times.  Functioning smoke alarms can provide ample warning to your family should a fire break out, and keeping prescriptions out of reach of children is another great safety measure.

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