Stoned Drivers Tasked With Navigating Closed Course in Washington

Posted on February 19, 2013

There are all sorts of things that can compromise one’s ability to drive along the road, and just as many laws to address those behaviors.  Distraction seems to be the cause of the day, with legislators across the country pursuing laws against texting or cellphone usage.  But a new report shows us that stoned driving can be just as hazardous to highway safety.

A news station in Washington recently decided to figure out just how much someone’s driving ability can suffer when he or she succumbs to the effects of marijuana usage.  Three people were gathered along a closed course to test their abilities both before, during, and after marijuana usage.  Police officials were on hand to monitor the situation and point out behaviors that could lead to a traffic stop.

Not surprisingly, abilities were compromised over time.  Although the drivers navigated fairly confidently prior to marijuana usage, they slowed down noticeably after the first dose.  Still, only one driver’s navigation was so poor as to potentially warrant a traffic stop.  Continued usage, though, shows that marijuana usage can severely harm driving.  One driver forgot what path to take on the course and nearly hit someone watching nearby.  Another navigated so slowly that a traffic stop would be a near certainty on the road.

It just goes to show that stoned driving has no place in your repertoire.  Heed the lessons of the below video and do what you can to protect yourself and fellow travelers.

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