Stall Risk Prompts BMW to Recall More Than Half a Million Vehicles

Posted on February 19, 2013

A potential power loss issue has led BMW to recall more than half a million vehicles, and the recall comprises numerous types of automobiles of various model years.  Consumers should make themselves aware of this information so as to encourage highway safety.

3-Series, 1-Series, and Z4 vehicles are being recalled by BMW, and depending on the type of vehicle, affected model years could range from 2007 through 2011.  The recall pertains to convertibles, coupes, sports wagons, and sedans, dependent upon which model was being recalled.  An estimated 504,545 vehicles are included within the recall directive.

A connector leading from a fuse box terminal to the positive battery cable connector could suffer degradation over the course of time.  The heat and heightened levels of current flow can combine to potentially break the connection completely, and if this were to occur, the vehicle would sustain a loss of power.  If the vehicle is on the road at the time of such an incident, the loss of power could lead to a dangerous crash situation.

To make sure that the number of such incidents is limited, BMW will initiate the recall next month.  The company has vowed to get in touch with vehicle owners, and dealers will swap out the defective component with an improved connector.  These repairs will be conducted at no cost to the consumer.

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