Sacramento Cellphone Driving Crackdown Officially Gets Underway

Posted on February 25, 2013

A new report offers up more information about the cellphone enforcement operation set to take place throughout Sacramento and nearby environs over the next two weeks.  Drivers should make themselves aware of the event and protect themselves and other drivers by refusing to use a handheld phone at the wheel.

The event, which begins today, is the second part of a three-phase operation that attempts to root out distracted drivers and gain valuable information about the best ways to spot and crack down on cellphone usage.  In the area between Modesto, Maryville, South Lake Tahoe, and Vallejo, drivers can expect to see increased amounts of police officers from 37 agencies, as well as the California Highway Patrol.

The California Office of Traffic Safety hopes to see a trend continued by the first event which took place in December.  At that time, the efforts of officers resulted in more than 3,000 people being cited for behaviors that could be considered distracting.  Officials explain, however, that the event isn’t designed to catch hordes of offenders so much as it’s supposed to raise awareness, essentially stopping distraction before it starts.

To that end, drivers can avoid catching the eyes of officers if they keep the phone out of their grasp while behind the wheel.  That means calls or texts should wait until the vehicle has been stopped and turned off, and you might even consider creating a voicemail message explaining that you’re driving and thus can’t pick up the phone.

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