Report Offers Tips on Preserving Safety in the Bathroom

Posted on February 4, 2013

Last month was Bathroom Safety Month across the country, but just because January has come to a close doesn’t mean that safety shouldn’t remain top priority.  A new report takes a look at those things that can be done to ensure safety in the bathroom.  The precautions are directed mainly toward the elderly, but it’s important to think about the tips no matter your age, especially when you consider that most slip and fall incidents occur in this relatively small room.

There are a number of things you can get installed in your bathroom that will make it safer for older adults.  The first might be a toilet that contains a seat that’s higher off the ground.  Still other seats can be found which offer armrests, reducing the chance that a person could fall to one side or the other.  The Americans with Disabilities Act offers approval standards that such equipment has to meet in order to be released to the market.  If the item hasn’t been approved, go with some other unit.

Other equipment can be found which should make your tub safer.  For one thing, think about getting a transfer bench installed.  That way, the person using the bathroom can sit down and then slide over and into the tub.  Getting this component installed can greatly reduce the risk of slipping that’s posed when one has to step over the bath’s lip.  Or if this doesn’t sound like the right course of action, maybe you’ll want to just opt for a step-in shower that doesn’t require the user to lift their feet high into the air.

Also make sure that the sliding doors on any shower are made of components that are not going to shatter.  Many people, when entering the shower, will use the doors to prop themselves up, but this is particularly dangerous when the doors can slide and thus give way beneath a person’s weight.  To prevent this type of incident, considering going with a shower that utilizes a curtain so that the temptation doesn’t exist to reach out and support one’s weight.

One other area that people tend to overlook is the spout that releases water.  If someone falls and hits this section of the tub, the ensuing injuries could be a lot more serious.  Purchase a product made of protective material to go around the spout so that any falls will be at least partially cushioned.

Finally, make sure all outlets in the bathroom are equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter.  That way, the electricity gets shut off when an appliance makes contact with the water.  It’s just one more way to stay safe while in the bathroom.

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