Florida Texting While Driving Ban Has Support of Grieving Father

Posted on February 6, 2013

Could this finally be the year that the state of Florida puts a ban on texting while driving on the books?  One father who lost his daughter in a tragic accident caused by texting at the wheel hopes it will be.

The father was set to travel to Tallahassee to voice his thoughts on the matter directly to the Senate Transportation Committee, which will then decide whether or not the measure should go to a vote on the Senate floor.  The bill as it stands right now does not go as far as the father would like, but he concedes that any law is better than none at all.  The law being debated would designate texting and driving as a secondary offense, so an officer would be unable to pull a driver over unless he or she engaged in another reckless driving act that merits a traffic stop.

It should be noted that Florida lawmakers have previously tried and failed to get some sort of ban on texting and driving enacted.  For the past ten or so years, legislators have considered a measure, but they have never been able to get it past opponents who argue that a texting ban would be an unnecessary infringement on a person’s liberties.

Supporters are hopeful this could finally be the year a ban passes.  Companies as varied as AAA, Disney, and various small businesses have voiced support for the measure.

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