FDA Explains The Risks of Breast Implants

Posted on February 21, 2013

The Food and Drug Administration is attempting to explain to consumers the risks of breast implants.  Concerned that many people out there are overwhelmed when it comes time to research the implants, the FDA hopes to provide various resources that one can consult in order to ensure their safety if they undergo an implant procedure.  A new report explains the risks and what can be done to protect yourself if you undergo a procedure.

Even though medical-grade silicone implants are required to undergo rigorous tests prior to arriving on the market, there are certain hazards which are still apparent.  The FDA warns that the recipient can suffer from breast pain or even something known as capsular contracture.  This latter condition involves scar tissue pushing against the implant and causing pain.  A rupture is also possible, and although saline-filled units would deflate, a user might not even realize when implants containing silicone gel have suffered this condition.  In many circumstances, more surgeries might be required.

To protect yourself, learn more about these risks and others by conducting your due diligence.  Speak with your doctor in detail before you opt to undergo a procedure.  It’s perfectly reasonable to ask the surgeon about his or her qualifications.  After the operation is over, keep an eye out for symptoms that could be indicative of a problem with the implants.

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