Driving Safety Tips Attempt to Get You to Your Destination Safely

Posted on February 13, 2013

With distracted driving more prevalent than ever, it’s up to drivers to take the proper precautions to avoid disaster.  You might be one of the safest drivers on the road, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else will be.  You have to take additional precautions in order to protect yourself, and thus a report out of Missouri about how to go the extra mile in terms of safety would thus be a valuable read.

First, eliminate all distractions from your driving.  Cellphone driving is illegal in California, which should be incentive enough not to use your phone.  But even if you travel to another state that allows the practice, don’t be tempted.  The danger still exists even if a law doesn’t bar the habit.

Distractions aren’t limited to cellphones, though.  Refrain from eating or drinking, and don’t let a GPS take your attention from the task at hand.  If you’re carrying passengers, make sure you don’t let them pull your focus away from the road either.

You should also enroll your child in a driver’s education course before they get behind the wheel.  If money is an issue, then at least consider the Alive at 25 online class from the National Safety Council.

Finally, make preparations for sudden dangers.  Place three seconds’ worth or more of distance between you and a leading vehicle.  And keep your eyes trained on the road so you can spot sudden hazards and react accordingly.

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