Dainese Develops D-Tec Airbag Suit for Motorcyclists

Posted on February 8, 2013

Companies across the world continue to develop systems meant to improve safety along the roads.  Although many of these technologies are geared toward automobiles and their occupants, that isn’t always the case.  Yesterday we brought you news of a Swedish team that worked on an airbag that inflates around a bicyclist’s head when it senses that a crash has occurred.  Today, our ongoing search for the latest and greatest safety technologies led us to a video showing a motorcyclist airbag in action.

You can view the entire thing below, and once you do, it’s easy to see how this could potentially revolutionize motorcycle safety.  Right now, the best way that motorcyclists can protect themselves is by wearing a helmet and using caution at all times when traveling.  Combined with this system, we may be entering an era where motorcycle fatalities are reduced drastically.

The system from Dainese took a reported ten years to develop.  The D-Tec works by being fastened around the neck of a motorcycle rider.  Should the rider find himself or herself suddenly beset by a crash situation, the airbag inside the device inflates at once.  The thought is that the sudden inflation will protect the driver from the damage of an impact and limit the risk that serious injuries or even a fatality would take place.

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