Crash and Injury Threat Leads Hyundai to Recall Over 6,000 Velosters

Posted on February 27, 2013

Thousands of vehicles are being recalled as part of a safety announcement issued after it was discovered that a certain installation process may not have been carried out adequately.  This could pose a threat that should not go underestimated by consumers.

The recall concerns those Veloster vehicles of the 2012 model year that were produced between Independence Day of 2011 and the end of October of that same year.  More than 6,000 automobiles in total were recalled by Hyundai, and each one comes with a panoramic sunroof.

It’s this component that poses the hazard which led to the recall.  The assembly of the item may have lost some of its strength while it was being installed.  Consumers may thus be driving along when the glass panel of the sunroof suddenly breaks.  The shattered glass could cause an injury to the occupants inside, but if this poses enough of a distraction that the driver loses control of the vehicle, a crash becomes a possibility as well.

The recall is set to start up at some point next month.  At that time, owners can expect to hear from Hyundai.  They’ll then be able to bring their Velosters in to a dealer to receive a no-cost sunroof inspection.  If the issue is discovered, the component will be replaced at once.

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