Childproof Packaging Error Leads to Recall of Theraflu and Triaminic

Posted on February 5, 2013

With flu season upon us, treating the illness is more important than ever.  But we also have to be aware of the threat to health that can be posed when one overdoses on any flu medications.  To make sure your family is kept safe, especially if you have young children, then be sure to inform yourself about this next recall.

Theraflu and Triaminic Warming Relief Syrups have been recalled by Novartis Consumer Health.  24 versions of these items are being recalled in total, adding up to an estimated 2.3 million items.  These flu treatment products were available all across the country between May 2010 and December 2011, and at that time, they cost around $5.

At issue is the fact that the items might not be as child-proof as the packaging suggests.  The caps, which are supposed to resist the efforts of children to open the product, can actually be removed even when the tamper-evident seal is still very much affixed to the syrup.  One report of a kid requiring medical attention has already been made, while a dozen reports suggesting that a child was able to gain entry into the bottle’s contents have also been filed.

Anybody with one of these medications in their possession is encouraged to get in touch with Novartis to learn how to bring the item back for a refund or exchange.

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