Breakage Risk Leads Liberty Mountain to Recall Climbing Lanyards

Posted on February 27, 2013

When mountain climbers head out on a trip, they entrust their safety to their equipment.  If just one component suffers from a defect, it could lead to a potentially fatal injury.  Hopefully, climbing enthusiasts make themselves aware of this next recall before they head out on their next adventure.

The Salt Lake City, Utah-based Liberty Mountain has announced the recall of Easy Go XP Lock Via Ferrata Lanyards.  These products, which are meant to be used along Via Ferrata mountain climbing routes, absorb shock and are comprised of two carabiners on either end of two elastic webbing branches.  There’s no indication from the announcement of how many units were recalled.

The aforementioned webbing can lose its proper strength after continued wear and tear, which could lead the unit to break while a climber is attached.  The climber would then be privy to a long fall and all the attendant injury and fatality risks that come along with that.  Thankfully, no one has reported experiencing such an incident at this point in time.

The lanyards were sold across the country and online at such outlets as Amazon from April 2011 through August of last year, when they cost around $120.  They absolutely should not be used by climbers.  Instead, owners are being asked to return the items to the company for a refund.

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