Arizona Texting and Driving Ban’s Chances at Passage Look Bleak

Posted on February 21, 2013

Numerous texting while driving bans are being considered around the country, but things look bleak for one potential law.  In Arizona, the time is running out for a ban that would crack down on the dangerous practice of texting at the wheel, and supporters of the measure are perturbed.

The Senate will consider bills up until tomorrow, so there’s still an outside chance that the law will be brought to the floor.  But before that happens, the proposed texting and driving ban must be approved by three different committees.

The sponsor of the bill worries about the effect that this foot-dragging will have on safety on roads throughout Arizona.  He explains that it was the Senate President whose efforts put the law on this difficult path.  The President has a track record of being against bans on texting, and his viewpoint was further illuminated when he sent the bill to three separate committees.  The bill’s sponsor think that the way things have played out is not fair to a public that largely supports a texting ban.

Two other bills have had somewhat better luck.  One bill being considered would prohibit cellphone usage among certain drivers under the age of 18.  And another bill endorsed by the Transportation Committee would make it illegal for mass transit operators to use their phones in any way.

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