Arizona Lawmakers Set to Ponder Teenage Cellphone Driving Ban

Posted on February 19, 2013

Across the country, many states are looking into the passage of laws that would limit distracting behaviors at the wheel.  One such state is Arizona, where lawmakers are considering a measure that targets the youngest and thus most inexperienced drivers.

The state’s Senate Committee on Public Safety last week gave the go-ahead to a proposed bill that would make it illegal for certain persons under the age of 18 to use a cellphone in any way while driving.  The measure would focus on those drivers who have only driven for six months or who have a learner’s permit.

Previous years have seen similar bills fail, but proponents are hopeful that the bill will finally receive the support it needs to make it to passage this year.  The Arizona branch of AAA has thrown their approval behind the bill.  They liken the measure to laws that limit minor passenger capacity for newly minted drivers, pointing to a 16% diminishment in road fatalities in the time since that bill became law.

Before the ban is up for a vote in the Senate, it first has to be approved by the Transportation Committee.  That hearing should take place by week’s end.  If the bill finally does pass, teens could expect to face a fine and even have their license suspended if they’re caught texting or talking on a phone at the wheel.

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