After Brutal Ordeal, Carnival Triumph Finally Makes It to Shore

Posted on February 15, 2013

The Carnival Triumph has finally docked in Mobile, Alabama, allowing passengers to stream off the DOA ship and begin the arduous process of making it back home to friends and family.  As they attempt to put this hectic ordeal behind them, it’s important to look back at the event to gain a better understanding of what these people had to go through.  A new article helps us do that.

After a fire cut power to the boat, passengers were stuck floating on a ship for which resources suddenly became scarce.  Carnival eventually was able to get a generator and other supplies to the ship a few days later,  but not before persons aboard were subjected to shocking conditions.

Passengers reported a scarcity of running water, toilets, and food.  One individual reports sewage making its way upwards through the shower drain and accumulating in the carpet.  Throughout the boat, the stench became unbearable, sending many to camp out on the deck.

That same individual also reports a paucity of leadership among Carnival employees.  He said it was up to passengers to see to the needs of the sick and elderly.  Once the ship finally made it to shore, it then took hours to get everybody off the ship and headed to their destinations.

Time will tell if steps are taken in the future to make sure such an incident never happens again.  Stay tuned for the latest developments.

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