Carnival Triumph Lawsuits Filed; Class Action Status Sought

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In what doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, the first lawsuits have been filed against Carnival for their role in the Triumph cruise incident.  They accuse the company of being negligent in regards to the situation which played out last week onboard the Triumph.  Passengers who claim they were subjected to psychological and physical trauma by being forced to remain onboard a stranded ship for days are taking action against the cruise company.  And although cruise tickets contain a clause stating that passengers waive their right to a class action lawsuit if they board, one filing attempts to establish just that type of suit.  The suit contends that allowing the ship to transport passengers in the first place was a form of negligence and thus class action status should be permitted. Going against passengers, though, could be a ticket clause requiring suits to be filed in Carnival’s backyard:  South Florida.

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