6,500 Step Stools Recalled by Cramer LLC Over Possible Fall Threat

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The threat of a fall has led to the recall of a series of step stools.  The defect has already caused its share of incidents and injuries, so consumers across the country should take note and react accordingly.

The Kansas City, Missouri-based Cramer LLC announced the recall, which pertains to Task It 1-UP folding step stools.  These plastic items have legs which lift the step stool to nearly one foot off the ground.  Around 6,500 step stools are being recalled in total, and each was available online or in various office supply retail outlets throughout the entirety of last year.  They cost from $30 to $40.

At issue is the fact that cracks can form in these stools.  If the crack becomes wide enough, a step stool can break completely and collapse while a user is standing atop it.  This could obviously lead the person to fall and sustain an injury.  At this point, 14 people have already reported an incident, and two of those occurrences led the individual to sustain pain in the area of their back, neck, and head.

Owners should not use these step stools.  Instead, they are being advised to get in touch with Cramer directly.  The company has vowed to give all affected individuals a replacement item at no cost.