4,700 Gator Vehicles Recalled By John Deere Over Possible Fire Threat

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The threat of a fire has prompted the recall of a series of products from the Moline, Illinois-based John Deere.  The recall pertains to Gator RSX850i Sport, Trail, and Base recreational utility vehicles produced from May through October of this past year.  4,700 of these vehicles are being recalled because there’s a chance that leakage can occur in the oil filter.  The thought is that this defect comes as a result of the filter’s not being produced according to the correct specifications, which could in turn lead to the formation of cracks or pinholes.  Four incidents of a fire stemming from this leakage have already been reported, although none of those reports thankfully involved someone being injured.  The items, which were sold from last August until this past month, should not be used until free repairs can be obtained from John Deere.

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