Laceration Threat Prompts Recall of 7,200 Beamerzzz Stuffed Animals

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A series of items that were only sold at Cabela’s are being recalled because of the potential danger they could pose to the children they are intended for.  If you’ve bought your child one of the following stuffed animals, then be sure you adhere to the directives of the recall.

The Tulatin, Oregon-based Purr-Fection by MJC announced the recall, which pertains to Beamerzzz stuffed animals which come equipped with an LED flashlight that can be found on their left paw.  The recall affects a black bear, a cream-colored bear, a moose, an elephant, and a deer.  7,200 of these stuffed animals in total are affected by the recall.

The wires found in the flashlight section of the animals are in danger of poking through their fur.  This could lead the child user to potentially sustain a laceration injury.  No one has reported becoming injured by these wires at this point in time, but one person did spot a protruding wire and relate their experience to the company.

The toys, which were available at Cabela’s between this past September and November, should be removed from children’s possession.  By getting in touch with the producer, a replacement toy can be obtained.