E. Coli Threat Prompts San Jose Valley Veal to Recall Product

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A product hailing from Santa Clara is being recalled because of a potential E. coli threat that could compromise the safety of consumers.  San Jose Valley Veal announced the recall, which affects boneless veal trimmings originally available in a 60 pound cardboard case.  1,260 pounds in total are being recalled by the company, and all versions of the item would have been manufactured at the beginning of November.  No one has reported experiencing an illness at this point in time, but it was a customer who first noticed the issue.  The customer reportedly tested the item and was unable to confirm that E. coli was not contained within the product.  Anyone coming into contact with E. coli could find themselves subject to bloody diarrhea, cramps, and dehydration, and children are especially at risk of a serious condition known as HUS, a type of kidney failure.

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