Laceration Risk Leads to Recall of 26,000 Jar Lifter Tongs

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The threat of a laceration has prompted a wide-ranging recall that could affect those persons who are into canning as a hobby.  If you fall into that category, then make sure you pay attention to the announcement.

The Kent, Washington-based Progressive International announced the recall, which pertains to One Handed Jar Lifters.  These plastic and metal devices are red and white in color and are used to remove canning jars from boiling water.  The items were sold across the country and in Canada at a number of retail locations, such as Ace Hardware, Sur La Table, and Amazon.  26,000 tongs in total are affected by the recall, and each would have cost around $10 when it was on sale between last February and October.

At issue is the fact that the hinge might not have a stainless steel core as it should.  As such, the handles can become dislodged after a certain amount of time.  If this happens while the user is in the process of carrying a jar, the jar could drop and shatter, putting people in the vicinity in danger of being cut by the ensuing shards.

Thankfully, no one has reported such an incident at this point in time.  To make sure safety continues, consumers are being asked to cease usage as soon as possible.  Progressive International has vowed to then issue a no-cost replacement product to all persons who get in touch with them.