Airbag Developed To Protect The Heads of Bicyclists

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We tend to take airbags for granted when we’re riding in an automobile, but bicyclists don’t have the same safety assurances.  The Hovding aims to change that.  Two Swedish students partnered to create the Hovding, which is basically an airbag for a bicyclist’s head.  Disguised as a fashionable neck scarf, the airbag can sense when a bike crash has occurred.  At that point, the airbag inflates, encasing the user’s head to protect them from serious impact damage.  No word on when such technology is going to become widespread, but you could see how this would promote safety when paired with bright clothing and careful adherence to traffic law.  Hopefully more safety advancements are on the way from enterprising inventors.  And in the meantime, always wear a helmet.

To learn more, follow this link, and see the system in action by viewing the video below.