1,115 AHV Trailers Recalled By Stoughton Over Possible Control Loss

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Farmers take note:  AHV grain hauler/ag hopper trailers of the 2009 through 2011 model years are being recalled by Stoughton Trailers.  There’s a possibility that fatigue cracks can form in either the suspension subframe channels’ front attachment or the frame structures’ lower rail.  Around 1,115 vehicles could potentially suffer from this condition, which might lead to the failure of the entire structure.  If this were to take place, the driver’s ability to control the trailer could be imperiled, possibly leading to a crash.  At some point in April, the recall is set to start.  Once it does, consumers can expect to hear from Stoughton about the issue.  The company will then offer a free replacement of the affected components.

Follow this link for more about the recall.