Take Precautions When Shoveling Or Walking Across Icy Surfaces

Posted on January 23, 2013

Many citizens aren’t prepared to take the steps necessary to ensure their own safety when confronted by winter weather.  But walking along patches of ice dramatically increases the chances that one could slip.  If you’re not ready for the unique challenges presented by these circumstances, you could sustain a serious injury.  To prevent such an occurrence, consider some tips from the Snow and Ice Management Association.

For one thing, make sure you’re walking properly.  Instead of walking how you normally would, move in more of a waddling motion.  Go slow and always be on the lookout for patches of ice that could send you tumbling.  You might move through the snow instead of the ice if doing so is possible.  You’ll get wet but prevent a potential injury.

Also understand the spots that ice is most likely to accumulate.  The morning is the most dangerous time of the day, but nighttime hours are also hazardous, as melted snow begins to freeze anew.  The shade is more apt to conceal ice, and you’ll also want to watch out for sections of pavement that appear wet.  This could actually be black ice, and not taking the necessary precautions around such could be disastrous.

You’ll want to move across outdoor steps as slowly as possible while always keeping ahold of the handrail.  You’ll also want to use caution when stepping into a foyer.  If numerous people trot through, the floor can become just as wet and slick as the ground outside, and it’s easy to fall on such surfaces.

You also need to wear clothing and equipment that sets you up to stay both warm and safe.  Boots should be worn if you have to walk across ice or through snow, even if it’s just for a short period of time.  Other shoes might see their traction chipped away by salt and other road grime.  And if you’re going to be traveling along the road, make sure your jacket and other clothing is suitably bright so as to catch they eyes of passing drivers.  And enhance your own vision amid shining snow by wearing a pair of sunglasses.

When you set out to shovel your sidewalk or driveway, it’s also important to keep safety in mind so that you don’t suffer a strain or some other injury.  Instead of waiting until the snow is inches or even feet deep and thus puts considerable pressure on your back and muscles, shovel intermittently while the snow falls.  When you do shovel, don’t lift and then toss the snow.  Simply continue your pushing motion to the sides of the walk or driveway.  And whatever you do, put the weight on your legs as opposed to your back.

Finally, keep yourself hydrated and have a cellphone ready to go should you be injured and find that you can’t get up.

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