Review FDA’s Most Widely Read Consumer Alerts of 2012

Posted on January 8, 2013

The Food and Drug Administration regularly updates consumers with information pertaining to issues that could compromise safety.  These can be things as wide-ranging as a safety issue presented in households across America or as specific as side effects entailed by a certain widely available ingredient in a series of health products.  A new report provides consumers with a list of the most widely read alerts from the previous year, and they’re worth revisiting by persons who didn’t see them the first time.

Did you receive a prescription but you didn’t go through the entire bottle?  Over time, families may accumulate pill bottles until their medicine cabinet is filled to bursting with unused medication.  The hazards posed by having this medication lying around can be quite serious, which may be why a report regarding the disposal of such drugs was the FDA’s #1 alert from 2012.

An alert about skin products partially comprised of mercury clocked in at number two, while HCG diet items and Hydroxycut, a dietary supplement, followed.  Do you have a tattoo?  Then you might want to check out the FDA’s warning about the dangers presented when one can’t verify the safety of the ink used for the tattoo.  An infection becomes a distinct possibility in such instances.

There are more dangers the FDA thinks you should be aware of, and you may not have thought about some of them.  Protect yourself by checking out the full list at the link above.

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