Red Bull Sued By Consumer Alleging Deceptive Marketing Tactics

Posted on January 22, 2013

Energy drinks have grown in popularity as of late due to the apparent surge they provide to users.  Commercials and marketing materials extolling the virtues of such beverages are commonplace across all forms of media.  But are they safe, and if so, do the claims they offer in marketing align with proven facts?  That’s the question on the minds of many.

A lawsuit has been filed against Red Bull at the District Court level in New York.  The person filing the lawsuit believes he was misled into purchasing the product based off of dubious claims about its abilities.  He cites studies in the New York Times and elsewhere which outline supposed deficiencies in claims about the benefits of energy drinks.  The man behind the suit alleges that Red Bull and other energy drinks justify their heightened price by making faulty claims about their effect on energy levels and that the products really don’t do anymore than would a basic cup of coffee.

As such, the lawsuit seeks to bring to an end unfounded claims about the efficacy of the beverages.  The man also hopes to be reimbursed for money spent in the act of buying the product in the hopes of taking advantage of those claims.

This is hardly the only problem facing energy drink makers.  The Food and Drug Administration is currently looking into five fatalities tied to Monster Energy.  Consumers are growing increasingly concerned that the consumption of energy drinks in large numbers would be particularly dangerous to teens and other at-risk groups.

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