Recalled Winter Weather Items Compiled in List Form By CPSC

Posted on January 10, 2013

Cold weather has descended upon the country, and by this point, just about everyone has hauled their winter seasonal items out and placed their summer ware back into storage until the spring.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission understands this, and they also realize that recalls often don’t catch the public eye because of the time of the year they’re issued.  You yourself may have heard about a recall of a winter item but paid it little attention because it was issued in July.

The good news is that consumers can consult a new CPSC announcement regarding recalled items for the winter that could have gotten glossed over in the summer.  For outdoorsy types, it’s important to pay attention to recalls of Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags and ECHO Bear Cat log splitters.  The former was recalled because an air leak could lead it to fail when it’s needed most, while the latter could have an end cap that suddenly dislodges and impacts anyone in the vicinity.

The other two recalls you may have missed pertain to heaters, and each was recalled because of an overheating risk.  Harbor Breeze Bath Fans with Heater and Light were recalled because a failure of the attached blades could lead to the hazard, while the Portable Ceramic Space Heaters from Big Lots were recalled because the overheating scenario could lead a user to sustain a shock or burn.

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