Know Symptoms and Use Precautions to Prevent Flu From Spreading

Posted on January 14, 2013

Doctors are attempting to get the word out about the danger posed by a flu outbreak sweeping across the nation and healthcare officials are doing whatever they can to limit the illness’s ability to spread. They’re doing so by diverting resources to deal with the outbreak and promoting the health benefits offered by a flu shot.

Citizens can also do their part by not putting others at risk when they themselves are sick. Persons should seek medical treatment right away, and instead of going in to work or school, it’s best to stay home for a couple days to recuperate. During such a period, it’s essential to load up on fluids and rest as often as possible to prevent the illness from getting worse.

It’s also important to recognize the difference between the cold and the flu, especially when you realize that symptoms are fairly common between the two. The difference is that the severity of symptoms tends to be ratcheted up when the flu sets in. Coughing is intensified, as is fever and other above-the-neck symptoms. A lack of energy is also far more likely when dealing with the flu.

Finally, if you haven’t gotten sick yet, please get a flu shot. And further limit your exposure by washing your hands regularly. Stay home, and sneeze into your sleeves to prevent the flu from spreading further.

To learn more, check out the video below.

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